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Dreadnought Books is a trading name of Mr John Sidwell, registered UK sole trader. Date of business registration: 19/08/2010.

Dreadnought Books uses cookies to improve the browsing quality of our website to visitors. For example, we track what type of device you are viewing our site from so we can direct our web design company to create an optimised viewing experience.

Cookies are small files that store specific information about your actions when visiting websites and are saved to your device automatically, unless you specify otherwise.

There are two different types of cookies;

  • Persistent cookies: These stay on your device, saved until you delete them or they reach their expiration date.
  • Session cookies: These are temporary and delete automatically when you close your web browser.

We only collect cookies using Google’s Analytics and Webmaster Tools code. These fall under the “persistent cookies” category. This is done for various reasons, but primarily to measure the performance of our website in terms of incoming traffic. Not at any point do we collect any personal information about yourself or others.

You are able to change your cookie settings at any time by visiting your internet browser’s settings.

Any information collected by Dreadnought Books using cookies will only be used by Dreadnought Books. If you do not wish for your information to be used, please contact us.

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